What Is A VPN And How It Works ?

What is a VPN and what can you do with a VPN ? Well you can do three things the first one is watch movies and TV shows online, very securely so you can watch stuff from Netflix, Youtube and more from different locations around the globe and you can watch it securely through the VPN. Now the second one is you can use the internet without being blocked in a specific country for example BBC iPlayer you can use that in the UK but if you're abroad you can't use it without connecting to the VPN so it will signal to the internet to make it look like you're coming from another country and will also keep your Internet traffic private.

Using a Virtual Private Network basically sends all your traffic into a tunnel and in that tunnel it will encrypt all your traffic and anything you're doing online so it can't be viewed even by your ISP and zootvpn offer servers in countries around the world so you can divert your internet browsing to any country that you choose from and of course it works on iOS Apple Android Windows and even routers. So anything that I use on my internet including any device in my home or office, will be routed to the VPN, which makes it ultra secure and it means my Internet Service Provider, can not spy on me anymore. Zootvpn is very popular on the internet scene. And of course for those of you streaming online and using apps it is recommended to use a VPN.

We're going to take a look at Zootvpn and of course this is the Windows app and it is completely customizable you can go into the options and you can set up all the TCP or PPTP settings. You can manage the connection on an app basis as well so you can set it to specific apps which is great you can also change the DNS settings if you wish. It is very easy to use. My VPN is currently on at the minute as I can go in to change location, by country as in Europe, America, Africa Middle East, India and Asia Pacific, etc.. So if you're trying to do unlock content from a specific country, it is quite useful.

You can select different countries or regions as your favorites as well. I have done a little experimenting to do speed tests, to get an idea of what the speeds are like, using Zootvpn . I went straight in, for the kill and had a look at what speeds I would get, which is normally between 200 and 300 ms, but zootvpn is coming in at around 20 with a 32 millisecond ping. It's actually coming in at 16.79, with an upload in the region of 9 to 10 Megs. But what I do like about Zootvps's service is that, you can check what the server's status is in each country. If you want to have a look at connecting to Poland you can have a look at how the service performance is, at that time, but that was in the UK. Afterwards, I went over and changed it to a USA server location and the ping 118 milliseconds was quite good. And that translates to faster download speeds from the US and obviously using this speed I'm not gonna come into any problems, which is much faster than some of the vpn packages on the net.

Zootvpn, has great download and streaming times. The download time roughly comes in at around about 12 minutes for larger files, in my location. I did another speed test for the Germany location, to see what the speeds are like in Germany.  The results; were quite high at 34, very good and  by connecting to Germany my download speed was at over 125 which just proves to show, if you have poor speeds with one connection maybe using in the UK or another location, would improve speeds considerably.

So, don't forget other people are going to be using these connections, so it's a case of having a look of what other locations are available and which one you can get the most download speed and of course upload speed, when needed. Whenever streaming music and videos, you will be able to choose from a long list of servers in other countries, as they do offer over 300 servers in various countries, to choose from. For me, it's all about speed and privacy with Zootvpn . They say they've got blazing fast VPN speeds which, for me the one in Germany was very decent and the one server, in the UK is probably under a bit of strain so it's not giving optimum performance at the moment of my speed test.

But there are other VPN servers you can connect to, through which will give you good speeds, as well You have to play around and try connecting to a few others to find one that you're happy with, for the location, you need. Installation is super easy for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or whatever device you're using. You simply download the client app in your my account section, there will be a code you put that into the app and you will be connected. You can also download an extension for Chrome which is used right on the side of Chrome, then click the button and then connected to the VPN. So whenever needed, check out .

ZootVpn.Com, is based in Norway and has a 0 log policy, which means they will not log or collect any data about anything a client does while using the VPN, not to mention, very stringent pro-privacy laws, for the consumer.  Also, the VPN tunneling clients use, is completely encrypted, as well, so there's no spying eyes from the likes of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or others. For many people, like me, it's more about peace of mind, geo location unlocking and really protecting my personal internet traffic.

And of course if you're not happy with Zootvpn they do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy.  In terms of pricing if you want to buy on a month to month basis, you can do so at about, 4.95 a month which also comes with a guarantee.  If you want to save a bit of money and get a long-term 12 month subscription it works out slightly cheaper offering a nice savings. Zootvpn is a good long term and popular service that I use and but will continue looking at other VPN networks just to compare and give myself a piece of mind and the best value for my privacy and money.